ThinkMove Chess Academy provides the best education for children, teaching the fundamentals of chess and imbuing a love for the game to children across the nation. In order to do this, we must employ the help of the best instructors we can. Below are our highly qualified and experienced instructors.


ThinkMove co-founder Peter Giannatos was inspired to spread the benefits of chess to a larger audience after 7 years of successful implementation of chess in school programs in the Charlotte, NC area. In college Giannatos realized a void in logical and critical thinking skills and realized how much chess helped in building those skills. To help fill this void Giannatos started two successful afterschool programs with the goals of promoting the benefits of chess to elementary school students. A few years later the two programs developed into state and national championship level teams.

Membership in chess programs has since grown and Giannatos has spread the royal game to over 1000 students and 15 schools in the Charlotte metro area. Giannatos saw a great opportunity to spread chess to a larger audience and make an honest and principled career for himself. Giannatos devotes 100% of his time to developing chess curriculum and teaching methods for his programs.

Giannatos has achieved the world recognized title of FIDE Chess Master and the national title of USCF Life Master. Giannatos lies within the top 0.05% of all chess players. Giannatos went from beginner to Expert in three and a half short years. Giannatos designed the ThinkMove curriculum to teach students the same techniques he used to rapidly improve.

Giannatos has served as Vice-President of Scholastic chess in North Carolina from 2012-2014. Giannatos holds a Bachelor of Arts in economics and a minor in political science from the University of North Carolina – Charlotte.


ThinkMove co-founder, David Grimaud, learned chess at the age of nine when his father, an air force officer, taught David and his younger brother to play the game as an alternative to cards and checkers.  Incensed that his brother began beating him regularly, David bought a Fred Reinfeld chess book at the local mall and studied it from cover to cover.  David soon become the family champ, and president of his high school chess club where he also played on the top board for the school.

Despite being an active tournament player during the Bobby Fischer Boom period of U.S. Chess, David would set aside the game for twenty years to go to college, start a career, and raise a family.  How did he get back into chess?

“One day my thirteen year old son found my chess set and clock in the file cabinet, and asked me what it was.  Excited to find something my son and I could do together that did not involve video games, we set off to attend a chess camp run by the late Dr. IM Danny Kopec.  Once again, I was hooked.”

David graduated from Louisiana State University in 1983 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.  He briefly worked as a design engineer in Dallas, Texas, but left the electronics industry when his father asked him to join the family business.  Today, David is president of that business which has developed and oversees about one hundred Precision Tune Auto Care centers providing automotive repair and maintenance services in thirteen states.

David has also been an officer for over ten years in the South Carolina Chess Association, has served as the state delegate to the annual U.S. Chess Delegates Meeting, and serves on both the Scholastic and Senior Committees for U.S. Chess.