Critical thinking in chess

Critical Thinking

Chess can help develop analytical and decision making skills that can be applied in life. Chess enhances logical deductive reasoning which helps in problem solving.

Chess shares a positive relationship to math and reading.

Reading and Math

Studies that show a positive relationship between chess and stronger math and reading skills. Chess amplifies the ability to recognize patterns.

Chess teaches you planning and foresight.

Planning and Foresight

There are consequences to every action in chess. Chess teaches to first, think about consequences to actions and then make a decision.

Chess Promotes creativity.


While chess is often considered a science, there is pure art in decision making which promotes creativity.

Chess challenges students to do their best.


Chess challenges all students and gives students the skills to succeed at later competitive efforts. Competition also builds team spirit and self-esteem.



ThinkMove is not just another chess program to teach children how to be better chess players. ThinkMove has a vision to use chess to teach and model what children should become in both academics and life.  The values of the program were given to the founders by their parents.  They have served the founders well in their own lives, and will serve others as well.  They are solid, unchanging principles that build character and provide meaning.